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YATRA Uttar Pradesh Tourism Uttar Pradesh Museums

Uttar Pradesh Museums

State Museum, Lucknow
State Museum, Lucknow TourismThe museum in Lucknow, once situated in the historic Choti Chattar Manzil and the Lai Baradari, erstwhile coronation hall of the nawabs ofAvadh, moved in 1963 to its new premises, a modern three storeyed structure situated incongruously in the the Prince of Wales Zoological Gardens.

Archeological Museum, Varanasi
The Archaeological Museum ai Varanasi concentrates on excavated discoveries like sculpture, architectural fragments and old coins. Also on view are paintings.

Bharat Kala Bhavan, Varanasi
Bharat Kala Bhavan lies within the sprawling grounds ofBanaras Hindu University. Its outstanding collection of sculpture, paintings and textiles began with the private collection of the enlightened Rai Krishnadasa.

Maharaja Banaras Vidya Mandir Museum, Varanasi
Across the Ganga lies the Ramnagar fort, ancestral home of the Maharajas of Banaras. The museum consequently displays weapons, manuscripts, palanquins and the decorative arts. On view is an astronomical clock, textiles and paintings. Two outstanding objects are a textile woven with ivory and a pictorial depiction of Dussehra celebrations on the river which involves a colourful procession of boats.

Allahabad Museum, Allahabad
Allahabad Museum, Allahabad TourismAllahabad Museum was formally inaugurated in 1947 by India's first prime minister, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. The collection, both reserve and on display, is large and varied and spreads across 18 galleries. The objects on view include prehistoric and indus Valley antiquities, stone sculpture, terracotta, bronzes, seals, beads, coins, inscriptions, miniature paintings, Buddhist thankas, textiles. weapons, medieval/irman'i and land grants, documents and the personal effects of Nehru and material relating to the freedom movement.

Government Museum, Mathura
The museum in Mathura was conceived and established in 1874 by F S Growse, the then collector. Originally called the Curzon Museum of Archaeology, the name changed to Government Museum after it celebrated its centenary in 1974. Planned as a repository of local sculpture styles, the galleries trace the evolution of the Mathura school of art. It is believed that the first Buddha image emerged here. The sculptors were inspired by depictions of meditating Jain tirthankaras and the earlier more robust yakshas and yakshis to figuratively portray the Buddha.

Archeological Museum, Sarnath
Tranquil Sarnath where ihe Buddha delivered his first sermon more than 2500 years ago has a site museum whose prize exhibit is the enormous lion capital (2.31 in). Sarnath  TourismNow the emblem of independent India, this capital once surmounted an Ashokan pillar erected to mark the spot where the Buddha preached. Carved in pale yellowish-grey sandstone with black flecks, the sculpture has the characteristic highly polished surface. At the entrance hall are two figures of Buddha, one of which portrays the historic events at Sarnath. There are many other Buddha and bodhisattvaifigures on view. Among these the most outstanding is the Gupta period Buddha with hand raised in Abhaya or protection.

Archeological Museum, Haridwar
The museum, established in 1945, exhibits some interesting prehistoric relics. There are also other archaeological discoveries like sculpture, terracotta and coins. Alongwith these are collections of manuscripts, paintings and miscellaneous objects.

Government Educational Museum, Muzaffarnagar
Government Educational Museum, Muzaffamagar On view at the Government Educational Museum are a number of rare antiquities like stone sculpture, metal images, terracotta and coins. Juxtaposed with these are paintings, dolls in various traditional costumes, stamps and cannons.

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