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YATRA Uttar Pradesh Tourism Uttar Pradesh Jain Shrines

Uttar Pradesh Jain Shrines

Uttar Pradesh Jain ShrinesThe innumerable Jain Shrines that dot the state of Uttar Pradesh speak of a myriad intimate association with the lives and activities of the Jain Tirthankars (Jain religious preachers), who spread the message of peace, non violence, love and enlightenment.

It is this that has attracted and moulded the sentiments of millions of people across the nation as well as the world. Today, around 3.2 million Jain devotees live in India.

Uttar Pradesh holds immense attraction for all those who desire to see the great Jain architectural splendour, and to know and understand the teachings of the great Tirthankars- the liberated souls who, through hard penance, freed themselves from the cycle of birth and rebirth. And, offered to humanity the recourse to salvation, freedom from the ocean of Phenomenal Existence and liberation from the Cycle of rebirth through Jainism.

The essence of this great religion and its preachings is palpable in the cave temples, in the elaboprately decorated carved stones and in the numerous illustrated manuscripts. Spread across Uttar Pradesh, these religious places are some of the best destination options for tourists and pilgrims. To explore history, religion, art and culture of the Jains in a state of pure bliss.

The Most Important Jain Shrines of Uttar Pradesh are:

|| Ayodhya Jain Shrines

|| Kaushambhi - Allahabad Jain Shrines

|| Shauripur - Agra Jain Shrines

|| Kashi Jain Shrines

|| Mathura Jain Shrines

|| Hastinapur Jain Shrines

|| Pawanagar - Fazilnagar Jain Shrines

|| Prabhas Giri (Pabhosa) Jain Shrines

|| Deogarh Jain Shrines

|| Mahoba Jain Shrines

|| Kakandi Jain Shrines

|| Kampil - Farrukabad Jain Shrines

|| Shravasti Jain Shrines

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