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Tamilnadu Beaches

Tamilnadu Beaches

Lies on the Southern Peninsular India. It has a long stretch of beach running over 900 kms. The coromandel coast, abutting the Bay of Bengal, boasts of many ideal locations for sun and surf.

Golden sands are dotted with palm and casuarina groves. Ruffling washes ashore pebbles and surf. Gentle breeze sways the yachts the sea and forms small dunes on the beach, Crabs play hide and seek coming out of one burrow, taking refuge in another. Sea gulls hover on the sky and then rest on the sails. There are many more breathtaking sights to please you in Tamil Nadu.

|| Pulicat Beach

|| Chennai Beach

|| Dakhinachitra Beach

|| Muttukkadu Beach

|| Covelong Beach

|| Themeparks Beach

|| Mammallapuram Beach

|| Sadurangapatinam Beach

|| Poompuhar Beach

|| Tharangambadi Beach

|| Nagore Beach

|| Velankanni Beach

|| Kodikkarai Beach

|| Rameswaram Beach

|| Mandapam Beach

|| Kurusadai Islands Beach

|| Tuticorin Beach

|| Triuchendur Beach

|| Kanniyakumari Beach

|| Vattakotai Beach

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