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YATRA Sikkim Tourism Adventure in Sikkim

Adventure in Sikkim

TheRiver Rafting, Adventure in Sikkimperfect destination for vacations in quest of enchantment , tranquillity or adventure. A jewel embedded in snow clad mountains, Sikkim is a primeval land that is unlike anywhere else. Where one dreamy day blends into the next. A land so rich in culture, tradation and steeped in Religion.

You can wonder up lush green mountain trails, in the very footsteps of those early travellers. Marvel at the Stupas, Monasteries and Temples. Acquaint yourself with a culture that is at once bizarre and fascinating. With its endless intriguing rituals and festivals. Sikkim offers you a holiday that is more than a drean - A Voyage od Adventure and Discovery.

Take the Kanchenjunga Trek (15 days) and discover nature in its grandest bounty. Savour this beautiful and unspoilt area with its tiny jewel- like lakes and exotic flora and fauna against the backdrop of the majestic Kanchenjunga. The Himalayan Mountaineering institute, at Yuksam is the base mountain for climbing courses.

The trek to Bakhim is scenic and invigorating with more than 20 varieties of rhododendrons setting the forest aflame with colours. Dzongri at 3963 mts. Welcomes the climber with a heavenly colseup of the Kanchenjunga. And the sunset that leaves memories of a spectacular view of Sikkim. Or take the Monastery Leisure Trek (11 days) and be spiritually elevated. Adventure in SikkimThe ideal time to go trekking is mid February to late May and between October and mid December.The monsoon period is between June and September and the cold and harsh winter months are between December and February.

No technical climbing experience is necessary as most of thetreks are between 6000 and 14000 feet. All one needs is to be in fit shape. Camping and trekking equipment are available on hire from the tourism department and from reputed travel agents.

River Rafting in Sikkim

River rafting enthusiasts have two rivers the Teesta and Rangit gushing through paradisic country. TheTeesta Experience takes you rafting from Makha down to Sirwani and Sirwani to Rangpo. The Rangit Expedition is from Sikip to Nayabazar and from Nayabazar to Malli. Beginners as well as experienced adventurers can seek the assistance of the Department of Tourism and travel agents for arranging river rafting trips.

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