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YATRA Religious India Tours Chardham Yatra Tour

Chardham Yatra Tour

Duration: 14 Nights / 15 Days
Places Covered: Delhi- - Rishikesh- Massoorie - Syanachatti - Uttarkashi - Gangotri - Sitapur - Kedarnath Badrinath - Srinagar - Haridwar - Delhi

Day 01 Delhi-Rishikesh ( Height 1222 Feet)
Arrival by bus at Rishikesh from after covering a distance of 225 kms. This city is known as "City of Saints". Visit to 4 km, away Swarg-ashram & Laxman Zhoola - Ram Zhoola (on foot) & night stay.

Day 02 Massoorie (Height 6050 Feet)
From Rishikesh to Massoorie via Dehradun by bus covering distance of 78 kms. Local Sight- Seeing : Company Garden, Camelback Road, Rope way on foot & Night Stay.

Day 03 Syanachatti (Height 6540 Feet)
Arriving Syanachatti 27 km. From massoorie night Stay

Day 06 Yamunotri (Height 10800 Feet)
From Syanachatti to Hanumanchatti at a distance of 7 kms by bus. From here Jankichatti/Fulchatti/Yamunotri at a distance of 7 kms either by walk or by horse or by doli expenditure for which will have to be borne by individual tourist in surya kund, one can cook rice by packing it in a cloth & dipping it in the hot water of the kund. Pilgrims take this cooked rice home as prasad. Here near the temple pooja can be offered to divya shila. After taking bath in the jamunabai Hot Water kund & having darshan of pious Yamunaji returning to Syanachatti night stay.

Day 07 Uttarkashi (Height 3500 Feet)
Arrival at Uttarkashi via Dhrashu from Syanachatti after covering a distance of 108 kms. This district head quarter. Here is the famous ancient temple of Kashi Vishwanath. About 2 km from here, there are ashrams of Sadhu & Saints at village Ujali night stay.

Day 08 Gangotri (Height 1222 Feet)
Gangotri is a small town situated on the bank of bhagirathi river & is about 100 km away from Uttarkashi on way pilgrims take bath in the hotwater spring of Gangnani which is on way about 40 km. From Uttarkashi procced to Gangotri vai Lanka Bhairav Ghati. It is believed king Ansuman & his grand son Bhagirath abserved hard penance at Gangotri & appeased lord Shnaker to bring Gangaji on the earth & freed there sixty thousand ancesters. The stone on which kings "Bhagirath Silla". It is believed that by having a dip in pious Gangaji all the sins are cleared. From here returning to Uttarkashi in the evening for a night stay.

Day 09 Sitapur/ Rudraprayag (Height 6500 Feet)
Starting by bus from Uttarkashi in the morning vai Tehri, Srinagar Rudraprayag & Guptakashi reaching to Gaurikund after covering a distance of 229kms for going to Kedarnath hight stay.

Day 10 Kedarnath (Height 11817 Feet )
From Gaurikund on ecan reach kedarnath (14 km trek ) after visiting on way Ramvada 7km & Garudchatti 4 km. This distance is to be covered either by walk or horse / doli at one's own cost. It is said that in the ancient times pandavas after killing Kuravas in the Kurushetra war they had gone to Uttarakhand from Kashi for a pilgrimage fro reputance & there after Load Shiva gave them Darshan Pandava constructed this glorious temple. Which is Kedareshwar. This is one of the 12 Jyotirlings of the country. Just about one kms, away from the temple Bhairav Gufa can be reached by walking. There is confluence of 5 rivers with Mandakini at kedarnath. Night Stay.

Day 11 Sitapur / Rudraprayag (Height 6500 Feet)
After darshan at Kedarnath coming back to Rampur / Sitapur for night Stay.

Day 12 Badrinath (Height 10248 Feet) :
(Day_11_12 one more night in Badrinath for Deluxe Tour)
From Gaurikund to Badrinath at a distance of 243 km via Guptakashi, Rudraprayag, Pipalkoti & Joshimath. This ancient pilgrims place is on the bank of Alaknanda river surrounded by snow clad mountains of Himalayan & as such it is known as a 'Readies on Earth'. It is sais that adi Gurushankracharya found the idol of God Badrinath from the Naradkund & set up the temple of Shri Badri Vishal. Pilgrims after having a bath in the Tapo kund have the darshan of Badrivishal. Brahamakapal is significant sight seeing spot like Mana. Vyas Gufa Maatamoori charapaduka, Bhimkund & the Mukh of Saraswati river. Just within the three kms. Of Badrinathjee night stay.

Day 13 Shrinagar / Deoprayag (Height 1910 Feet)
(Day_13 for Deluxe Tour)
From Badrinath to Joshimath by bus. Auli the longest ropeway in asia (at individual cost) & deperture via, Pipalkoti, Rudraprayag to Shrinagar covering a distance of 193 kms & night Stay.

Day 14 Haridwar
(Day_14 for Deluxe Tour)
From Shrinagar to after having a darshan of pious confluence of Alaknanda & Bhagirathi river at Devprayag, after covering a distance of 125 kms, in the afternoon Haridwar darshan & Gangaji aarti at harki paudi night stay.

Day 15 Delhi
(Day_14 for Deluxe Tour)
Reaching Delhi from Rishikesh covering a distance of 225 kms. train / air

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