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Goa Museums

Archaeological Museum:  Goa MuseumOld Goa, 9 km from Panaji, was once the centre of Portuguese dominion on the west coast of India. Here one can see fortress walls and administrative buildings, monasteries and impressive churches, especially the Basilica de Born Jesus which contains the mortal remains of Saini Francis Xavier.
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Museum of Goa Daman & Diu: The Museum of Goa concentrates on archaeological and archival material. Consequently the sculpture collection displays antiquities from the various Hindu dynasties that once ruled Goa. Also on view are important inscriptions and manuscripts, coins and textiles. The furniture, art objects, especially ivory statues, pertain to Christian-Portuguese influences.
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institute Menezes Braganza: On view at the institute Menezes Braganza are stone sculpture, bronzes and terracotta artefacts. There are coins, stamps and paintings which include drawings and etchings.
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