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Goa Cultural Heritage

Goa Cultural HeritageGoa abounds in festivals and fairs around temples and churches which also commemorate eaily legends. They are the occasions when a Goan peasant manifests joy and happiness.

Bhandap: A traditional folk dance performed by the womenfolk of the scheduled tribe community who were the earliest settlers of Goa, in the second half of the Hindu month Bhadrapada.

Corredinho-Portuguese Folk Dance: A peasant dance which is popular among Goan elite youth. Dekhm-Beauty dance: Performed only by women, displays a rare blend of Indian & Western rhythms.

Dhangar Dance: in Navratra days. a vigouious session of worship dance. Fugdi & Dhalo: Folk dance performed by women. The most common folk dance forms of Goa. Ghode Modnr: It is 111 commemoration of the return of the Ranes after victories over the Portuguese in Bicholim and Satari Taluka.

Goff-folk Dance: It manifests joy and happiness of Goa peasants after the harvest, dining Shigmo Festival in Phalgun month. Nanpet-Sword Dance: A traditional warrior dance performed during the Shigmo Festival. Kala & Dashatlai: Folk dance forms representing the subsequent development of jagar as tiatr. Some of the other popular folk drama forms are Ranmale, Ratkala and Tiatr.

Kunbi Dance: Tribal folk dance: A group dance-cum-song thoroughly rustic. Lamp Dance: Performed during Shigmo festival by women Holding lamps on their heads. Goa Cultural Heritage

Mando: A love song. It represents the mingling of Indian and Western tradition. Monilem: A traditional folk dance presented by the backward community during Shigmo festival.

Mussal-Khel-Pestel Dance: A dance-cum-song in praise of valiant Kings. It also projects incidents in the village life of the times, Romat, Tonya Mel and Dhendio are some other folk dance forms.

Perani Jagar: The earliest form of drama.

Suvari Folk Music: It is a traditional tone setter to ail Hindu religious and festival performances. Talgadi: Folk dance performed by men-a social sophisticated, outdoor group dance for men. Taranga Mel: Banners mela of Farmers.

Tonyamel: Folk dance with sticks- A very vigorous and muscular group dance which is connected with the farm-folk celebrating the joys of good harvest.

Veerbhadra: It is a typical Indian style dance performed in Ponda, Sanguem and Bicholim Talukas.

Zagor: Folk Play- A cultural activity presented in different villages of Goa in different styles by the Gauda community.

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Goa Cultural Heritage || Folk Music in Goa || Folk Dance in Goa

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