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YATRA Delhi Tourism Delhi at a Glance

Delhi at a Glance

Red Fort, Delhi Travel GuideDelhi is the capital of India since old times. Delhi's history dates back to the first millenium BC, when it was known as indraprastha. The Tomar Rajputs built Lal Kot, the core of the first of Delhi's seven cities. It is the epicenter of the nation's politics, economy and culture. History is alive and throbbing in Delhi, the capital of India.

It is often said that the history of India is the history of Delhi. New Delhi, the capital of India, has always occupied a strategic position in the country's history, as Hindu and Islamic dynasties have ruled from here, leaving their imprint in the form of relics, which recapture those bygonetimes. Delhi, is today, one of the fastest growing cities of India.

Delhi, besides being the seat of the Central Government, has an economy supported by agriculture, tourism, commerce and a growing industry. With the development of infrastructure facilities, Delhi plays host to a number of national and international events including sports - related events, conferences and seminars.

Delhi was made a Union Territory on November 1, 1956. With the 69th Constitutional amendment, Delhi got a Legislative Assembly when the National Capital Territory Act was enacted in 1991.

India Gate, Delhi TourismThe total land area of Delhi is about 1,483 km2. Delhi is the third largest city in India, surpassed in population only by Calcuttaand Bombay. Its multi - layered existence is tantalizing, and can entice the curious traveller into a fascinating journey of discovery. The co-existence of the past and the present at many levels characterizes Delhi, as it does India. The assimilation of a specific cultural influence is expressed differently by people living in different parts of the city, a fact that offers insights into the social strata. Delhi is one of the most historic capitals in the world and two ofits monuments- the Qutb Minar and Humayun's Tomb - have been declared World Heritage Sites. It is also one of the greenest capitals. For the visitor, it serves as a perfect introduction to the cultural wealth, the complexities and dynamism of India.

Characteristics of its geographical location, its inhabitants are a race blend of tradition and intellect. They are extremely receptive to modern ideas, inventions and the fantasies of the modern social ethos. People belonging to various religious sects, castes and lingual groups live marvelously with each other, with their socio-economic status taking a back seat. Temple, churches and mosques are maintained with reverence and devout sanctity. Feasts and festivals are celebrated jointly with overwhelming enthusiasm and exuberance, irrespective of the difference in caste and religion. Delhi continues to live on as a seat of wisdom, land of serenity, and the gateway of India's rich culture heritage and traditions.

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