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Guwahati Tourism

Guwahati TourismHugging the shores of the turbulent Brahmaputra, Guwahati is the gateway to the enchanting North Eastern India. The Light of the East, Pragjyotishpura, as it was known once upon a time, is said to have been a vast kingdom during the epic period of the Mahabharata. Today, Guwahati is the hub of the region and also its largest city.

Guwahati has several places of historical interest. Perhaps the biggest attraction is the Kamakhya Temple atop Nilachal hill, where the Goddess Kamakhya is worshipped and which commands a majestic view of the city and the river.

Guwahati is the commercial capital of the North east. Its markets are busy and noisy and well stocked, especially with local handicraft sand handloom for handicraft item include the State Government department store, Pragiyotika at Ambari as well as many privately owned shops in Pan Bazar and Fancy Bazar, two of the main commercial markets, that sell a range of items- from muga silk to bell metal, canework to woollen shawls and elegant Naga and Manipur jackets.
Attractions around Guwahati

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