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YATRA INDIA.com Arunachal Pradesh Tourism Arunachal Pradesh Art & Craft

Arunachal Pradesh Art & Craft

Art & Craft of Arunachal PradeshArunachal Pradesh is a land of beautiful handicrafts comprising wide range in variety. All the people have a tradition of artistic craftsmanship. A wide variety of crafts such as weaving painting, pottery, smithy work, basketry, woodcarving etc. are found among the people of Arunachal Pradesh.

From the point of view of art and culture the area may very conveniently be divided into three zones. The first zone includes the Buddhist tribes i.e. the Sherdukpens and Monpas and also to some extent the Khowa, Aka and Miji group; the Membas, Khambas, the Khamtis and Singphos. The people of the first one make beautiful masks.They also periodically stage pantomimes and mask dances.

Making of beautiful carpets, painted wooden vessels and silver articles are, however, the speciality of the Monpas. The people of the second zone are expert workers in cane and bamboo. The Apantanis, Hill Miris and Adis make beautiful articles of these materials, which speak eloquently about their skill in handicrafts. The second cultural zone occupies the central part from East Kameng in the west to Lohit in the east. The third zone is formed by the southeastern part of the territory.

They also weave articles that are in common use in their daily life. The shawls and Jackets of the Apantanis, the Adis Gale and shoulder bag and the Mishmi's coat and shawl are symbolic of the high weaving talents and artistic sense of the people.Art & Craft of Arunachal Pradesh

The people of the third zone are famous for their woodcarving. The Wanchos, however, weave beautiful bag and loin cloth also. Goat’s hair, ivory, boar’s tusks, beads of agats and other stones as well as of brass and glass are special fascinations of the people of this zone.

Weaving : Weaving is the occupation of the womenfolk throughout, the territory. They are very particular about colors and have a beautiful sense of colour combination. The favourite colours are black, yellow dark blue, green, scarlet and maddr. Originally they used natural dye but now-a-days they switch over to synthetic dyes available in the market. More ....

Cane and Bamboo Work : Cane and bamboo industry of Arunachal Pradesh is of very high standard. Most of the domestic requirements are made of cane and bamboo . Hats of different sizes and shapes, various kinds of baskets, cane vessels, a wide variety of cane belts, woven and plains, elaborately woven brassier of cane and fibre. More ....

Carpet Making : Carpet making is the speciality of the Monpas. They weave lovely colourful carpets with dragon, geometric and floral designs. The choice of colour and the colour combination is unique. More ....

Wood Carving : Wood carving is a tradition with some of the tribes of Arunachal Pradesh. The Monpas, Khamtis, and Wanchos occupy significant place in this art. The Monpa wood carver make beautiful cups, dishes, fruit bowls and carve magnificent masks for ceremonial dances and pantomimes. More ....

Ornaments : Ornament making is another craft widely pactised in Arunachal Pradesh . Besides beads of various colours and sizes blue feathered wings of birds and green wings of beetles are also used in decoration. The Akas make bamboo bangles and ear ornament which are sometimes decorated with pocker work designs. More ....

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